Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cheat Minecraft


Status Effects On Player

While in game press 't' on the keyboard (also known as the 'talk' button for minecraft online), to access the speech/input for the codes.
/effect <playername> 22 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Absorption
/effect <playername> 15 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Blindness
/effect <playername> 12 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Fire Resistance
/effect <playername> 3 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Haste
/effect <playername> 21 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Health Boost
/effect <playername> 17 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Hunger
/effect <playername> 7 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Instant Damage
/effect <playername> 6 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Instant Health
/effect <playername> 14 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Invisibility
/effect <playername> 8 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Jump Boost
/effect <playername> 4 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Mining Fatigue
/effect <playername> 9 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Nausea
/effect <playername> 16 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Nightvision
/effect <playername> 19 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Poision
/effect <playername> 10 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Regeneration
/effect <playername> 11 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Resistance
/effect <playername> 23 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Saturation
/effect <playername> 2 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Slowness
/effect <playername> 1 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Speed
/effect <playername> 5 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Strength
/effect <playername> 13 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Water Breathing
/effect <playername> 18 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Weakness
/effect <playername> 20 <time in seconds> <lvl 1-255>Wither


Command Prompt Cheats: Game Mode Switching *updated*

In Singleplayer, whenever you press "T" on your keyboard, a command prompt screen will appear in the bottom corner. Use the cheats below to switch between survival mode and creative mode. As long as you clicked "Allow Cheats: On" when creating the world (under the "More World Options" button), these cheats will work. Switching between Survival and Creative modes can be quite useful. For example: If you switch to Creative Mode after a respawn, you can fly to the spot where you died to quickly retrieve your items. You can also switch to creative to prevent death; when you're caught in lava or water, switching to creative will make you invincible as long as you're still in that mode. Creative Mode has every item available through a selection screen, accessible in the same way as the normal inventory screen. You can use it to select an item you need, such as food or weapons, and dragging the item(s) to the "Survival Inventory" tab or the quick access bar.
Changes the game mode to Survival/gamemode 0
Changes the game mode to Creative/gamemode 1
Changes the game mode to Adventure/gamemode 2
Changes the game mode to Spectator/gamemode 3
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