Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cheat Age Of Empires

Cheat Age Of Empires,PC Games , age of empire

Cheat Code - Shotcut Keys

To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding hotkey below.
CTRL + PImmutable Structure
CTRL + TNew Resource Menu
CTRL + QSpeed/Fast Construction
CTRL + CView Ending

Cheat Codes Age Of Empires

To enter the following cheats, you must press [Enter] anytime during gameplay. Next, type the letters to the left, and press [Enter].
BIGDADDY black sports car with a rocket launcher
PEPPERONI PIZZA1000 food bonus
COINAGE1000 gold bonus
QUARRY1000 stone bonus
WOODSTOCK1000 wood bonus
UPSIDFLINTMOBILEAccelerates your Chariot Archers
DIEDIEDIEAll enemy units die
STEROIDSBuildings and units are created instantly
King ArthurChanges all birds into Dragons
PHOTON MANCreate a guy in a white suit with a quick- fire laser gun
E=MC2 TROOPERCreates a guy in a white suit with a slow- firing nuke gun
Big MommaCreates a White Sports Car
StormbillyCreates some sort of walker
GAIAGives you control over nature (but lose control over your own civilization)
KILLXKill player X
HOYOHOYOPriests are faster and stronger
NO FOGRemoves the fog of war
REVEAL MAPReveals the map
MEDUSATransforms villagers to Medusas
DARK RAINTurns a Bowman into a Composite Bowman which turns into a tree when not moving
BIG BERTHATurns Heavy Catapults into Big Berthas
BLACK RIDERTurns Horse Archers into Black Riders
FLYING DUTCHMANUpgrade your Catapult Tiremes/Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen
HARI KARIYou lose the game
RESIGNYou resign
HOME RUNYou win the game
ICBMYour Ballistas and Helepolis have a 99+1 range
JACK BE NIMBLEYour catapults and stone throwers fire villagers, cows, etc.


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